"He has become known around the Utah area as the King of The Wasatch."

Griffin Siebert grew up in Park City, Utah basically with a snowboard strapped to his feet. His older brother was a professional snowboarder so it was in the cards that Griffin would follow in suit. Griffin grew up snowboarding together with his friends everyday before and after school at Park City, eventually traveling around the US on the amateur contest circuit, one of his friends Sage ended up receiving gold in the first ever Olympic slopestyle event, so you know the level of riding was always being progressed.

Lately Griffin has fell in love with the adventures of split boarding and backcountry snowboarding. Traveling the world, Japan, Austria, Pacific Northwest and his local backyard in search of new adventures all season long. He has become known around the Utah area as the King of The Wasatch (the Wasatch Mountain Range runs through Salt Lake City, UT) because of his endless passion and motivation to go out and explore the mountains on a daily basis. The weather is never a factor to Griffin, it is only an opportunity. This season Griffin will be filming a full snowboard video part together with the up and coming LTC crew (@LickTheCat) , so be on the lookout for some amazing footage this winter and next fall.

When Griffin is not searching for the next peak to summit or pow slash he is usually half way up a rock climbing wall. Rock climbing has become Griffin´s second passion over the years, the search for adventures has lead him to explore climbing routes all over the western United States. The excitement of making it to the top of a pitch is similar to the feeling of split boarding to the top of a new peak – the adventures never end with Griffin Seibert.

Through all of Griffin´s traveling and all day backcountry adventures you know that Griffin needs gear he can rely and that can handle any temperature, snow condition, and daily abuse.

Keep up with all of Griffin´s adventures on Instagram: @GSIEBS

Griffin's favourite Bag