"Wang Lei is China’s pioneer of snowboarding"

Wang Lei, born and raised in Jilin, became a gymnast in early childhood and subsequently was handpicked to train in snow sports in China in the early 1980ies. After a horrific injury that left him partially disabled and scarred for the rest of his life, he chose snowboarding as lifeline, turned pro in the early 2000s and made a name of himself as amicable, inspiring and loyal rider.

Wang Lei shares the stoke with riders across China every season, and has built an amazing community with hubs spanning from south to north and east to west, from Hongkong to Harbin and Xinjiang to Beijing, and he continues to teach and influence the core snowboarding scene of China.

Currently Wang Lei spends most of his on the snow time to pass on his knowledge at his residence resort Silk Road in Xinjiang, filming for a global entertainment series called 50 PEAKS, and other projects with the Nitro family.

Wang Lei loves to ride motorbikes, he is a horseman and cooks the best chicken wings in red wine you ever tasted!

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