Last week I headed to Pasadena, California. It was my niece, Monroes big 4th birthday. So I threw my dog, climbing gear, bags and of course my girlfriend Meg in the truck. We headed South from Salt Lake City. The idea was to surprise Monroe and take her climbing. We spent the first day cruising driving as far as we could. We got a late start and stopped right out of Saint George, Utah. We woke up early the next morning and headed to California. We made a quick stop for some In n Out burger and to ride a roller coaster in Primm Nevade. About 10 years ago it hated the biggest drop in all the country at just over 200 feet. So fun.

We arrived in Pasadenathat night. We woke up the next morning and went to a chiropractor to get Lizards back worked on. He’s been filming a lot for his upcoming death wish part. Needless to say his body was off line. I didn’t take long for him to convince us we should get worked on. A after a winter of riding with a pack I have to admit my back was tweaked. The Chiropractor worked wonders on all of us. Including my 15 year old dog Lily. She hasn’t walked that good in years. We surprised Monroe at her preschool by picking her up. She was freaking out haha. Little kids are crazy. We were short on time and had to drive back to Salt Lake in days time. The drive is 12 hours. We came up with the game plan of taking Monroe climbing on the way back to school. But where would we climb. Luckily modern day technology has given us an App called mountain project. W found a location that was about 2 hours from Pasadena on the way to Salt Lake. It was called Keepers Cove. It consist of Beautiful Granite fingers in the middle of the desert.

We set up shop. Putting up a little tent for Monroe to get out of the sun and a nice shady spot for Lily. Monroe climbed a couple boulders around the area with lizards help. She was so stoked! Our routes were amazing. So fun. We shot shots and climbed till dusk. The light was insane as the sunset. We packed dup in the dark with nothing but hour head lamps illuminating our path. We packed up the trucks gave lots of hugs and kisses and hit the road. Good times!

Lizard King's favourite Bag