As a travel photographer and a person who loves to be outside exploring, it was a big dream of mine to travel to Africa with our good old Land Rover.There is no better way to combine your love for photography, overlanding and wanderlust within a short period of time. Together with some really good friends of mine, we decided to make this dream come true. So we packed our stuff and hit the road to Africa. The biggest point on our bucket list was the Erg Chebbi, the most famous dunes in Morocco. Even before we got into overlanding, it was our biggest dream to camp in the middle of the dunes looking at the millions of stars. That should be the dream of 1001 nights.

When we reached that amazing place, it was hard to realize if that was really happening or if it was just a dream. We had an awesome time! Our basic route should take us clockwise from the tracks along the algerian border in the eastern part, over to the coast and back north via Marrakesh.Travelling over the washed out pists in the morrocan outback, was so much different to what we were used to in Europe. You could see for miles and miles and all you see is the heat incessantly blurring the horizon. Only a few days in the expedition and we allready fell in love with this country and especially with the people. All good things come to an end and so this trip. It would take a while to work out what we have seen and experienced. That journey somehow changed our whole mindset and perspective. Hopefully we can keep these feelings as long as possible.Morocco, we only visited you once, but one thing is for sure: We will come back to enjoy your beauty, your love and your warm hospitality much more.

Markus favourite Bag